The White Dog, Russell Brand & The Fool

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I’ve recently dusted off a tarot deck and started shuffling through it all over again. I realise I invite ridicule in reporting that – a lot of it probably deserved – but stick with me because Russell Brand turns up in a bit. There’s a bit with a dog too. The celebrity angle should be enough to keep you reading if the big white pooch is not.

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White Light Generator – Sampling The Lucia Light Simulator


A status update by the writer Anthony Peake popped up on my Facebook wall yesterday. His investigations always walk the tightrope between science and mysticism adeptly and it was he who first alerted me to the Lucia Light Simulator – developed by psychologist Dr. Engelbert Winkler and neurologist Dr. Dirk Proekl – a year or so ago. In his note he mentioned that a group of people in Finsbury Park have made one of the machines available for the public to try.

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Panic!: Jimmy Savile, The Smiths & Synchronicity

The Jimmy Savile saga shows no sign of abating, though thankfully we’re seeing less of his leering mush on the front pages these days. Instead, headlines are filled with apparently-misidentified Lords, victims of abuse being made to apologise on air (as though they’d been formally introduced to their abuser, all those years ago), shedloads of public suspicion and the BBC tripping over its own trousers every chance it gets.

For some semblance of sanity in what’s fast becoming a cosmically inverted world, where do you go?

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Frank Bruno On ‘This Is Your Life’ – nightmare retrospective

Perhaps the worst thing about the spectacle of Sir Jimmy Savile’s horrendous, virtual resurrection is that we’ve only seen the start of it. Those endless, harrowing accounts from grown adults recalling the damage inflicted by the cigar-chomping, alleged psychopath are just the start of a likely cascade, unless the authorities are closing ranks more effectively than they let on.

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